About Us

The Lily Pad understands

how important it is to

hang art in your home

prior to purchase to see

how the environment

transforms. It would be

our pleasure to deliver

a selection of paintings

to your home for viewing.

This way, you can be sure

the effect is exactly what

you have in mind.

We welcome the

opportunity to work

with designers.

Owner and founder Wivi-Anne Weber, Ph.D, built her gallery's foundation on the simple idea of bringing visual beauty into our everyday experience. With a history spanning 30 years, The Lily Pad Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting the finest quality realism, naturalism, impressionism, and abstract works of art. Wivi-Anne has searched tirelessly for full-time painters who live lives typifying the fullest expression of their artistic talents. She has developed meaningful relationships with these artists and takes great care in supporting their creative vision.

Over the years, Wivi-Anne has found herself an educator and guide to clients as they choose paintings that best enhance their lives and the homes they live in. Appreciating that we each have our own aesthetic palette, Wivi-Anne's years of experience and education enable her to respond to clients' needs no matter how varied they may be. Her true passion and thoughtful insight create an intimate and welcoming environment for anyone drawn to the arts.